Sunday, January 19, 2014

Deconstructed Common Core: Notice and Note Companion Resources

Recommended Instructional Strategies 

Deconstructed Common Core from Companion Resources

    Resources from the Appendix

    1. Surveys
    2. Rigor and Talk Checklist
    3. "Huswifery"
    4. Text Complexity Worksheet
    5. Notice and Note Signpost Bookmarks
    6. You Try It
    7. Notice and Note Reading Log
    8. Adaptations of Notice and Note Reading Logs
    9. Notice and Note Signposts in Walk Two Moons
    10. Texts for Teaching the Notice and Note Signpost Lessons
      1. Thank You, Ma’m (for Contrasts and Contradictions)* no link available currently.  PDF coming soon.
      2. Excerpts from Crash (for Aha Moment)* no link available currently.  PDF coming soon.
      3. Excerpts from A Long Walk to Water (for Tough Questions)
      4. Excerpts from Riding Freedom (for Words of the Wiser)
      5. Excerpts from Hatchet (for Again and Again)
      6. Excerpts from Hope Was Here (for Memory Moment)

    Video Study Guide developed for a Book Study group.  Authors engage in a discussion about the close reading strategies and instructional techniques, and the extensive research developing the activities from the Appendix (above).

    Video Resources

    1. The Importance of Close Reading in Cultivating Engaged Readers…and Addressing the CCSS
    2. Collaborating to Foster Will and Skill
    3. Rigor, Text-Dependent Questions, and the Need for Close Reading Strategies
    4. The Influence of Louise Rosenblatt and the Role of Literacy in Defending Democracy
    5. A Case for Literature in the Contemporary Curriculum

    Beers, Kyleen and Robert E. Probst. Notice and Note: Strategies for Close Reading. Portsmouth, NH: Heinemen, 2013. Print.

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