Monday, March 31, 2014

Picture Books from LCI-Kindergarten

Here are some great resources available in the LPS Library System Coach Leighow reccomends:  

Alexander and the Terrible...Day -- Viorst
Art Lesson -- de Paola (inference, irony, personal narrative)
Canoe Days -- Paulsen (personal narrative, visualization)
Chicken Sunday -- Polacco (personal narrative)
Chrysanthemum -- Henkes (character traits, irony, strong theme, prediction, self-worth)
Going Home -- Bunting
Ira Sleeps Over -- Waber (prediction, foreshadow)
Julius the Baby of the World -- Henkes (irony)
Keeping quilt -- Polacco (main idea, personal narrative, point of view, symbolism)
Lilly's Purple Plastic Purse -- Henkes (character traits, strong theme)
Mirette on the High Wire --McCully (inference, courage, synthesis)
Mrs. Katz and Tush -- Polacco
Mrs. Mack -- Polacco
My Great-aunt Arizona -- Houston (character traits, compare/contrast)
My Rotten Redheaded Older Brother -- Polacco (personal narrative, compare/contrast)
Nana Upstairs, Nana Downstairs -- de Paola (death, elderly)
Oliver Button is a Sissy -- dePaola (teasing, being oneself)
Owen -- Henkes
Pain and the Great One -- Blume (point of view, character traits, siblings)
Relatives Camer -- Rylant (character traits, memorable language, personal narrative, beginning)
Roxaboxen -- McLerran (mood, personal narrative)
Sheila Rae, the Brave -- Henkes
Summer My Dad was Ten -- Brisson (strong ending, honesty, personal narrative)
Up North at the Cabin --Call (imagery, simile, metaphor, text/self)
When I Was Young in the Mountains -- Rylant (character traits, personal narrative point of view)
Wilfred Gordon McDonald Partridge -- Fox (strong beginning, strong ending)
Your Move -- Bunting (text/world, gangs)

Baseball Saved Us -- Mochizuki (personal narrative, Japanese-American, WWII)
Fly Away Home -- Bunting (inference, personal narrative, homeless)
Gleam and Glow -- Bunting (voice)
Great Kapok Tree -- Cherry (main idea, point of view)
Lady in the Box -- McGovern (compassion, homeless, voice)
New York's Bravest -- Osborne (Sept. 11)
Night in the Country -- Rylant (strong beginning)
Other Side, The -- Woodson (prejudice, friendship, questioning)
Picnic in October -- Bunting
Smoky Night -- Bunting (strong theme)
Someday a Tree -- Bunting (foreshadow, inference)
Those Shoes -- Boelts (self-worth)
 Uncle Willy and the Soup Kitchen -- DiSalvo-Ryan
Wall, the -- Bunting (personal narrative, questioning, Vietnam Memorial)

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Kindergarten Technology LCI

Welcome Kindergarten Teachers!  Please email me or comment below if you have questions or further input about your Instructional Technology needs

Saving Videos:

Use to download and save video to your computer or thumbdrive.  After you find a video you like on youtube/iBoss, hover your mouse over the video and right click.  A drop down of options will appear, select "Copy URL," and then open a new tab and go to and right click/paste the URL into the DOWNLOAD box, and hit the DOWNLOAD button. A thumbnail pic of the video will appear below the address box, and you may then select the type of file you would like to save.  If you select FLV (Flash Video), in SmartNotebook you can then select Insert on the top toolbar, and select Insert the Flash Video from the drop down options.

Let's practice:

Here's what it looks like from school:

Hover your mouse over the video display box, and right click.  From the drop down that appears, select Copy Video URL and then open a new tab in your browser and send it to, then hover your mouse in the white box that says "Enter the URL, you want to download from" and right click again and select PASTE, then click the DOWNLOAD button.

Your video Information will appear just below where you pasted the address.  To the right of your video are the Download Links, if you have a preference hit MORE to find other file type options.  I recommend FLV to embed into a SmartNotebook lesson, but sometimes that is not an option.  If you plan to put it into a PowerPoint, select MP4.

Your video will usually be saved on to your computer in your Downloads folder, depending on your settings.  No more waiting for something to load or loosing a link!

Trouble Shooting Your SmartBoard:  Dust your pen tray, and Calibrate

Dust clogging the sensors can prevent the board from detecting when a pen or eraser is picked up.  Wipe off the dust from your pen tray as needed if you are not getting a light over the pen tray when you pick up one of the pens.

To calibrate, I found a great video that explains it way better than I ever could!  Enjoy!

SmartNotebook Exchange

Today we are accessing previously created activities from. and then if we have time, we will research lessons from using a login I have created for training, and password (email me or create your own using your own email).

Lesson Activity Toolkit

 Find the Gallery icon, the Framed picture on your left side's tool bar.  Click it, and then select Lesson Activity Toolkit 2.0 We divide into groups and build our first activity in the Lesson Activity Toolkit->Activities. There is a 4 page handout with a breakdown of all the activities and games.  Thank you Mrs. Jackson for getting it all printed in color, it is very helpful!  Don't loose it!

Thank you so much for your support and helping your neighbors during this time.  Comment below if you have questions. Or requests for a Tech Tuesday :)

Friday, March 14, 2014

Washington BUG (Board Users Group)

Get your Product Key to install at home—use a wired connection if at all possible, SmartNotebook is full of BEEFY files
They will email you a long code to cut and paste into the Registration form after you install SmartNotebook, which will run 30 days without the key code.  To find the software, go here:

I have three suggestions for you all for intermediate and advanced resources from the Exchange on more advanced techniques, play with them over the break if you can:

Resources to Find Lessons:
ID LPSlogins
Password loginsLPS

BUG Out!