Monday, March 31, 2014

Picture Books from LCI-Kindergarten

Here are some great resources available in the LPS Library System Coach Leighow reccomends:  

Alexander and the Terrible...Day -- Viorst
Art Lesson -- de Paola (inference, irony, personal narrative)
Canoe Days -- Paulsen (personal narrative, visualization)
Chicken Sunday -- Polacco (personal narrative)
Chrysanthemum -- Henkes (character traits, irony, strong theme, prediction, self-worth)
Going Home -- Bunting
Ira Sleeps Over -- Waber (prediction, foreshadow)
Julius the Baby of the World -- Henkes (irony)
Keeping quilt -- Polacco (main idea, personal narrative, point of view, symbolism)
Lilly's Purple Plastic Purse -- Henkes (character traits, strong theme)
Mirette on the High Wire --McCully (inference, courage, synthesis)
Mrs. Katz and Tush -- Polacco
Mrs. Mack -- Polacco
My Great-aunt Arizona -- Houston (character traits, compare/contrast)
My Rotten Redheaded Older Brother -- Polacco (personal narrative, compare/contrast)
Nana Upstairs, Nana Downstairs -- de Paola (death, elderly)
Oliver Button is a Sissy -- dePaola (teasing, being oneself)
Owen -- Henkes
Pain and the Great One -- Blume (point of view, character traits, siblings)
Relatives Camer -- Rylant (character traits, memorable language, personal narrative, beginning)
Roxaboxen -- McLerran (mood, personal narrative)
Sheila Rae, the Brave -- Henkes
Summer My Dad was Ten -- Brisson (strong ending, honesty, personal narrative)
Up North at the Cabin --Call (imagery, simile, metaphor, text/self)
When I Was Young in the Mountains -- Rylant (character traits, personal narrative point of view)
Wilfred Gordon McDonald Partridge -- Fox (strong beginning, strong ending)
Your Move -- Bunting (text/world, gangs)

Baseball Saved Us -- Mochizuki (personal narrative, Japanese-American, WWII)
Fly Away Home -- Bunting (inference, personal narrative, homeless)
Gleam and Glow -- Bunting (voice)
Great Kapok Tree -- Cherry (main idea, point of view)
Lady in the Box -- McGovern (compassion, homeless, voice)
New York's Bravest -- Osborne (Sept. 11)
Night in the Country -- Rylant (strong beginning)
Other Side, The -- Woodson (prejudice, friendship, questioning)
Picnic in October -- Bunting
Smoky Night -- Bunting (strong theme)
Someday a Tree -- Bunting (foreshadow, inference)
Those Shoes -- Boelts (self-worth)
 Uncle Willy and the Soup Kitchen -- DiSalvo-Ryan
Wall, the -- Bunting (personal narrative, questioning, Vietnam Memorial)

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